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Paul Haarman

Paul Haarman

Paul is a prepared private value financial backer, abundance counsel and business visionary with more than 30 years experience in high total assets blueprinting

“The wealthy do NOT keep things a secret, they merely do things differently and most of America is simply unaware of what that looks like. Shift is the first and only member-driven community of its kind, open to anyone, in any income range or class, who are looking for a safer, faster, better way to thrive, rather than to merely survive in this hyper-speed digital age of the 21st century.”


“The affluent do things differently, that’s true, but it’s not what you think. Anyone in ‘Mainstream’ America can apply the same exact strategies that ultra-wealthy individuals use. So, what’s the difference?Education… Knowledge… First is knowing WHAT to do. But simply knowing is NOT enough … One must then take Action! By using a simple formula, which we refer to as EASE, one can reach new heights and levels of success.

Paul Haarman
Paul Haarman

In 1980, Paul started his own private value advisory firm, The Potomac Group. In 2001, he began focusing on a new industry – the entertainment business – by publishing a twice-monthly electronic newsletter called Camera & Pencil. Currently, Haarman is a partner at Ketchum Global Research & Analytics (KGRA) advisory firm where he was CEO for two years. His work has been quoted in Time Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, CBS Marketwatch and other publications.

Haarman is a financier of private equity ventures in software development, film production, web-based content creation and marketing agencies. His credits include producing the cable television series The History Channel Presents: The True Story of World War II which received an Emmy nomination for best documentary.


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