Alarming as it may sound, but more than 35 million Americans face mental issues every year. According to the National Alliance of Mental illness (NAMI), the poor psychological condition is leaving a negative impact on the overall health of people. Paul Haarman explains how imperative it is to address emotional health. Deteriorating health could have been an underlying mental problem. 

Many of the symptoms go unnoticed daily. You need to listen to your mind and body for specific indicators that may lead to major health disasters. Let’s pledge to work towards complete wellness by taking simple measures in life.

Set a routine

When you start the day with a timetable, it becomes a lot easier to achieve goals. Getting diverted is one of the common causes of losing targets and leading to disappointments. You feel low and defeated by failures. Paul Haarman reiterates that constant mental unhappiness is the first symptom of depression. When you are late for an important meeting or miss sending an email to potential clientele because of diversion, it results in the pumping of anxiety levels. Start your week by making a list of activities you need to do and then tackle them in a phased manner. Setting a routine not only turns goals into the target but ultimately into achievements. 

Plan simple and Go easy

You feel utter disappointment in losing a contract or feeling failure to miss a best friend’s wedding. How about breaking up your bigger goals (five-year plan) into smaller and achievable goals? Be easy on yourself, and do not burden with what will happen after ten years down the lane. Paul Haarman simplifies this common issue faced by all. Your mental health has a direct connection with your everyday feelings. Anxiety and stress can never help; instead, it muddles your plans. Looking back annually and seeing bigger accomplishments not only boosts confidence but fills you with energy for the future. 

Attitude is all that matters

How many of you teach the younger generation to handle failure? This attitude makes the entire growing up a rat race. Paul Haarman echoes how the kids get treated for mental issues at a younger age of 7-9. Coping with the smaller issues of life like examination or competition develops personality and adds confidence in life. You do not have to compromise on the performance but let it not eat away the inner faith. Looking at life with a positive attitude would soon make you into an optimistic person. Remember – if it was not an accomplishment, then it was just a learning curve to the path of success.

Healthy diet and hydration

Make an exquisite meal for yourself and your loved ones. A healthy diet is a key to mental wellness. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast instead of skipping it. Carry a drink bottle always and stay hydrated, says Paul Haarman. Water is a vital source of mental wellbeing.

Dehydration causes dizziness and confusion in the head. A colorful plate with the right amount of protein and a healthy drink to accompany would ensue complete health and wellness.