In the last few years, email marketing has made great strides. It is considered both a traditional and modern way of marketing says Paul Haarman an entrepreneur. Despite technological advances and engaging features that you can embed in your content, a well-written email performs better than one with all the bells and whistles.

Your email’s design won’t matter if the content is not well-written. Your subscribers will delete the email right away, thinking about how they opened it last time, and you droned on and on about your business.

So, how do you write emails that are not only compelling but also make your leads open them every time?

Let’s find out:

Nail Your Subject Line

Your subject line tells the reader whether the email is worth reading. Here’s an example shared by Paul Haarman to help you understand this:

You sell family board games. You have written a blog on how to bring your family together. As a lead, which of the following headlines appeal to you more?

  • Ways to Bring Your Family Together
  • Bringing Everyone Together: Now Way Less Obnoxious

justifyHere are some pointers on writing the perfect subject line:

  • Use actionable language
  • Personalize when possible
  • Prioritize clarity
  • Make it catchy
  • Align your email copy with your subject line copy

Make the Body Copy Relevant

You are in the business of selling Tupperware. Your target audience is adults who love food and cooking but are tired of throwing food that goes bad in the fridge. Here’s an example of how the subject line and body copy should match says Paul Haarman:

Subject Line

Uh-oh, Something Smells Bad in the Fridge?

Body Copy


Why Throw Away Your Chicken Carbonara When You Can Keep It Fresh In a Tupperware.

Follow the headline with details, talking about the best features of your product.

In short: You need to make sure that the information in the email matches the subject line.

Address Your Reader

Write in the second person, so the reader knows you care about them and created the content specifically for them says Paul Haarman. Use the pronoun “you” when addressing the reader and center the email around them.

Why not write something that relates to them. For example, you could add a line or two about a common problem that every person faces and explain how your product can solve it.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to tell a story. While this is a great way to get the attention of the readers, this technique best suits blog posts.

Be Brief

Keep your email simple. You don’t need to use any fancy words to wow your readers. Don’t go into too many details about your product or service. If you are drafting a reminder, keep the message short. If you want to offer information, give them the link to your eBook.

This is how you write an email that guarantees clicks, Paul Haarman says! If you need any guidance on how to write compelling content for your marketing campaigns or want someone to draft them for you, get in touch with John Doe to talk business.