The human resource department is very essential for your business due to its wide number of functions. It helps to create a healthy link between your employees and the growth of the business – this helps to balance out the environment and create a healthy working environment.  

The HR department is responsible for the process of hiring that takes place, the recruitment of the best candidates, and also the management of the employees. 

According To Paul Haarman, it is important to have an excellent HR department for your business. With the list of options, you can also outsource your HR requirements, but while it is expensive, it is not really suitable for a long-term business. 

Here are a few reasons why the HR department is required for your company as per Paul Haarman . 

Paul Haarman Suggests That It Enhances The Culture Of The Organization

The HR department is important to bring together the culture of your organization. It helps to bring forth the vision and mission of the company as well as strengthen the traditions, beliefs, and culture of the business.  

The HR department aids in setting the standards and procedures of the company; it also helps in laying out the guidelines for the employees that allow them to learn about the encouraged behavior, rules, and regulations.

It also helps in promoting punctuality and skills for time management amongst the employees. 

It Helps In Building A Healthy Office Environment

According to Paul Haarman , the HR department helps the employees meet their comfort zones and allows them to feel supported and motivated. It may take some time to get it all sorted, but it happens with time. They also help settle the issues that the employees may face and it helps in building a healthy working environment. 

Assists In Training And Development

It is essential to upgrade your skills with time, and the HR department helps in the training and development programs. This helps in giving a boost to the skills of your employees and therefore aids in reaching good capabilities. 

This training and development program launched under the observation of the HR department helps in bringing all the employees on the same wavelength and allows them to excel in their careers. This in turn, also helps your business to reach maximum potential.

HR Department Helps In The Management of Conflicts 

There are numerous events that could result in a conflict between the employees, and an HR department is necessary to manage them. While so many people are working under the same roof, it is quite easy to have a quarrel or a fight. The human resource team is contacted to keep everything in check and resolve the issue with justice and fairness. 


While you can always outsource the processes done by the HR team from some other company, having an internal HR department is necessary. Paul Haarman suggests having a strong HR department due to its above-mentioned  benefits. 

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