As the Covid19 pandemic ravages our lives for more than a year, it leaves deep scars in our minds due to the enormous sufferings we are enduring. The grief and sorrow of losing some near and dear ones to the deadly virus as the death toll keeps mounting have been a traumatic experience for many. Added to this are the various restrictions imposed on our lives to keep us safe from the disease. That makes us feel enslaved by the laws and creates enormous mental stress, feels Paul Haarman. Everybody feels troubled and distressed as it is impossible to lead an everyday life. Despite the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle amid the pandemic. We need to protect our mental health that begins by taking good care of our physical health.

Body care comes first, believes Paul Haarman

Since a sound body houses a sound mind. You must first take good care of your body by minimizing the chances of falling sick. Even if you have flu during the pandemic, you would fear that you might have contracted Covid19 and feel distressed. Therefore, staying healthy should be the top priority, for which you must have a balanced diet of nutritious foods. That helps to maintain immunity and fight the virus effectively. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, including water, fresh fruit juices, and herbal tea. But avoid drinks rich in caffeine and stay away from alcohol as these can disturb the sleep patterns, explains Paul Haarman. Besides sleeping well, have enough rest during the day.

Stay physically active

Stay active and do some work daily at home that helps maintain a certain level of physical activity. Although exercising as you could do earlier might not be feasible, you can choose some other exercises. That you can perform within the small spaces and without any aids or resources. The options are many, from yoga to aerobics, and you can browse various online resources for proper guidance.  Doing some household work regularly or pursuing hobbies like gardening that involve physical activities are some other options.

Abhor unhelpful coping strategies

 When we feel incredibly stressed out, there are chances of looking for some easy solutions that can provide some relief, at least for the time being. Drugs and alcohol lure people as these might help escape reality briefly and provide some relaxation, but the dangers of addiction can be too damaging in the long run. It will be like jumping from the fire to the frying pan, and you must avoid it at cost.

Stay connected

Loneliness is your biggest enemy with or without Covid19 because it leads to depression. As we are passing through a time of unprecedented crisis, the more you stay in touch with people more confident you will feel in overcoming the challenges. Keep interacting virtually within the social and professional circles so that you come to know about better coping strategies and drive away from the boredom that arises from prolonging homestays.

Being amidst people will help to maintain a positive frame of mind that ensures wellness and wellbeing.