A well-crafted mission statement is a crucial element for any company looking to take its brand and business plan to the next level says Paul Haarman.

Here’s how you can put together an effective one:

1. Make it Relevant –

A mission statement should be meaningful and resonate with your target market as well as those whom you are doing business with – your employees, vendors and business partners. Make sure that it’s something that is both easy to understand yet also accurately reflects your company’s brand and culture.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet –

In most cases a statement that is three paragraphs long or longer won’t resonate with anyone on any level so keep it short and concise without losing the message.

3. Make it Measurable –

When crafting your mission statement, be sure that you are able to measure its effectiveness through monitoring indicators that can help gauge whether or not you are achieving stated goals and objectives.  A strong company mission should be dynamic in nature meaning that it should constantly evolve with the changing market conditions, business landscape and consumer sentiment while continuing to address the company’s core values.

4. Make it a Living, Breathing Document –

One of the most important elements in a mission statement is not only its ability to be effectively implemented but also its ability to change over time as circumstances dictate. It should reflect your business philosophy and provide guidance for the company vision and future strategy. This means that it should be a living, breathing document that is constantly being monitored for effectiveness and adjusted as needed explains Paul Haarman.

5. Don’t Forget to Stress Values –

In order to achieve stated goals and objectives, your mission statement must also stress the importance of core values such as integrity, respect, ethics and human dignity while also celebrating diversity and taking steps to ensure that your company’s business practices honor these standards.

6. Keep it Clear and Concise –

One of the best ways to ensure that your company’s mission statement is effective is by making sure that it’s clear and concise. If potential customers, employees or business partners have a hard time understanding what your company is trying to accomplish, then you won’t be able to achieve stated goals and objectives.

7. Address Customer Needs and Wants –

Your mission statement should clearly define your company’s core business strategies with a focus on addressing customer needs and wants says Paul Haarman. By taking this approach you will be able to more accurately identify what it is that people really want whether they realize it or not which can help guide future vision, strategy, and goal setting. Through using this particular approach you’ll gain insights into real market opportunities that can then be exploited for maximum results.

8. Make Sure that It’s Authentic –

While many companies draft mission statements for marketing purposes, in most cases these efforts fail. Because they don’t mesh with the company culture and the expectations of customers. Who are asked to believe in them without any proof to back up claims. As a result, if your company is planning on releasing such a statement it’s best to ensure. That there’s full transparency and authenticity behind it.

9. Make sure that it isn’t printed in Stone –

A mission statement should be dynamic and reflect the changing nature of your business landscape. When circumstances change, your company mission needs to change with them says Paul Haarman. While you may start out with one overarching statement this may need to evolve in order to reflect changes. That come along over time so don’t get too hung up on crafting the perfect one right out of the gate. Because things may very well evolve beyond what you ever could have imagined.

10. Use VERBS —

Every effective mission statement must include action-oriented verbs that clearly communicate the company’s focus. Pairing verbs like establish, communicate, expedite and improve. With nouns like customer relations, employee training, and supplier development. Can help make your statement more dynamic while also making it easier to achieve stated goals and objectives over time.


Mission statements give employees, customers and stakeholders a clear understanding. Of what your company is all about and should also be used as guiding principles for making decisions. Regardless of whether you’re developing one from scratch or revamping an existing mission statement. It’s important to keep the advice above in mind.