Outsourcing IT Functions to the USA is the way forward for many organizations. Whether you are changing providers or expanding your current function it can be critical that you do these four things first before outsourcing your IT Function to the USA says Paul Haarman.

If you’re thinking about whether or not to expand your existing offshore function or change providers, then there are four key issues that will affect the success of that decision. It’s important that someone from an engineering background manages this project because they will know what processes and procedures need adapting in order to ensure a smooth transition from offshore to onshore. In our experience, companies tend to outsource their requirements poorly by focusing more on cost rather than cultural fit and end up with a bad result.

Below we have highlighted 4 key things that you should consider before outsourcing your IT function to USA:

1. Cultural Fit

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when they outsource their requirements is failing to get a good cultural fit between themselves and the provider, which can lead to a breakdown in communication due to a lack of understanding. In order to mitigate this problem, it’s important that there is someone from an engineering background managing this project who understands what needs to be present during the initial stages. A transfer of knowledge document along with a process map must be completed by both parties in order for them to get up-to-speed on each other’s existing methods and company culture. They need to understand how all internal processes together so any change made will not break the existing code explains Paul Haarman.

2. Documentation

Many companies are under the impression that an offshore provider will be able to read their mind, but this simply isn’t true, especially when you’re changing providers or expanding your current function with a different company. It’s important that all processes are documented before they roll out any new services so there is no guesswork involved on either party’s side of the deal. A good documentation plan should include how tasks are categorized and who they are assigned to so there won’t be any confusion on where things belong after they have been changed over during this transition period.

3. Sufficient Test Scripts

If you want your existing codes transferred successfully it’s essential. That both sides communicate properly throughout the entire process which includes the creation of test scripts. It’s not just about transferring the code, but ensuring that your new provider understands. How it all works so there won’t be any major issues once the code is live. This means creating a document that explains the steps involved, what needs to be tested. And by who to ensure proper results are attained before the new services go live.

4. Availability of Senior IT Staff

As we mentioned when discussing cultural fit. Having someone from an engineering background managing this project is key. When you outsource your requirements because they will know what processes and procedures need adapting. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved says Paul Haarman. There will inevitably be some resistance between both parties during this time. Since they’re working with new methods and procedures. But having that person in place to mediate will help reduce time required for training.

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