Even with my decades of experience, why should I be so certain that the startup I am planning to launch will be successful? asks Paul Haarman

Let’s take a look at three startup lessons I’ve learned through the years.

1) Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

The best way to succeed in any startup is to learn from your mistakes. As painful as it might be to admit defeat when you make a mistake in your business, you will eventually save yourself more pain by learning from them right away than to ignore them. In some cases, it might not even be a mistake – perhaps you were just going after the wrong market or pursuing a business idea that wasn’t right for you.

2) Being successful is about taking massive action

The only way forward in life is through action says Paul Haarman. Wishful thinking and excuses do not work. A simple shift in the way you frame a problem can be surprisingly helpful in forcing yourself into motion when inertia threatens to hold you back.

Here are some examples; instead of saying “I have no money”, ask yourself “how can I earn more money?;” instead of saying “my passion isn’t enough” ask yourself “how can I make my passion stronger?;” instead of saying “that person is holding me back”, tell yourself “I need to figure out how to get that person on my side.”

3) Fight for what you believe in

Don’t accept less than what makes you happy or what you think is best. Whether it’s a business idea, a product offering, or an employer. Fight for what is right and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Better yet: listen to your gut and always try to trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right – perhaps there is a reason.