I was going through a tough time in my life several years ago. I had serious health issues, my doctors were not especially comforting, and all the pessimism was getting to me. This says alot, as I was born an optimist, never have given up at anything, and never will says Paul Haarman. While I tried to stay optimistic, mostly by getting and staying organized and looking myself in the mirror, nothing seemed to make much of a difference. In hindsight, I believe what all this pessimism I felt I could not shake boiled down to “burn-out”. Burn-out is when you’ve been running at full speed for too long and need a break to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately recharging usually takes longer than we would like it to, but that’s just another reality check telling us that we’re humans after all. So there I was taking action on every front trying desperately to get control over my life once again. It worked for a while but I soon found out that I was still stuck in the same old rut.

Getting Stuck… And The Solution!

I knew deep down inside me that if action was not producing results, something had to be missing. So I started reviewing what exactly had been going on with me. It came to my attention that besides being unhappy with my situation and by extension stressed, I was irritable to the point where those around me noticed, which is a first. What it came down to, how I got my optimism back, was digging deep, just as I always had, After all, if I didn’t believe in myself, how could anyone else.

Now What?

After taking action and learning how to change my day-to-day experience at the emotional level, I was ready for things to start changing in my life explains Paul Haarman. It didn’t happen overnight, but step by step it did. Just like we’ve always heard, “the devil is in the details” I first improved my perspective at an emotional level, and then everything else followed suit bit by bit.

What Comes Next?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I’m sure you know what’s coming next… So let me share now…getting clear about what you want in life! You see, it’s hard to go after the things we truly desire if we don’t even know what they are yet. I decided to get something done, and I did it.

The Secret To Success Is No Secret!

So what do I attribute my success to? The answer is simple. I followed my instincts, and focused. As for me, I paid no attention to my doctors skepticism and got healthy. And because I’ve made it my mission in life to help other people shape their destiny too by teaching them how to get clear about what they truly desire. After all… We all deserve happiness, don’t we? Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and read this blog. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think about it all says Paul Haarman. Your feedback is always appreciated! I wish you all the best on your journey.


The Secret to Success Is No Secret!

My name is Alvaro and I’d like to thank Paul for joining us today. I hope it’s making a difference in your life, if so let me know by leaving your comments below… Thanks for stopping by!