“There is no better time than the present.”Even with a low salary or no salary, your 20s are the perfect period to enter the field of investment says Paul Haarman. Because as soon as you begin investing, the sooner you will achieve your financial goals! How to invest in your 20s can be a bit mind-boggling, but never let this thought stop you from investing.

Paul Haarman reveals these top three reasons why you should invest early,


If a person starts investing at the age of 20 or 22, one can imagine that what a big corpus that person will have for his life after retirement.

Risk averaging 

Because you start investing early, you have the benefit of risk averaging. Investing in a disciplined way, at every specific time interval, irrespective of the odds, your risk of investing will average out. 

Compounding effect

It implies that when you start investing at an early age, for a long period. What you receive will be twice what you invested!

Even while making you aware of the advantages of investing at an early age, investing in your 20s is worth a try!

So given below are some investing specific strategies that everyone and anyone in their 20s should follow:

Become risk taker

People in their 20s procrastinate while investing. They think they have a lot of time to invest but forget time flies so fast. So, start investing as soon as you get the idea. And, when you will invest in stocks, you will see drops. But in the end, you will achieve your goals.

Increase your rate of savings

Life after retirement depends on what you have saved during the past years. 

So, start investing with the minimum amount. But as time passes, you have to save more.

Set a goal about how much you can save every month and then make small jumps to achieve the goal.

Decide where to deposit

Once you have set your financial goals, the very next step is to think about where to deposit your money or set up accounts.

During your 20s, choosing a retirement account for investing can be a complex process. Therefore, while investing your money, do think about where to put your short-term, immediate, and long-term money.

Think over and Think big

When you are in your 20s, and you look around at all the possibilities around you, it will give you an edge. 

When it comes to investing at an early age, no doubt you will face failure, but the result will never disappoint you.


When one is in their 20s, many may enter the job market. But taking a few easily attainable steps will for sure make you wealthy in your 30s or 40s or beyond says Paul Haarman. Investing at an early age means saving for your goals like buying or building a house of your own or for traveling purposes., etc. These goals can now be fulfilled easily only after investing at an early age. So, invest today and make a light future!