“8 Ways to Make More Money at Work”

Forget ‘fair

The key to making more money is concentrating on what you can get — not what’s fair or who deserves a raise says Paul Haarman. In the absence of an across-the-board pay hike, companies have been handing out extra compensation in the form of bonuses and other perks that vary from manager to manager — and even worker to worker within the same company. Someone with a knack for negotiating might be able to scrape together a few hundred dollars here and there by getting their boss to various small benefits … It’s unlikely that you’ll get rich quick this way, but every little bit helps.”

Go for the ‘star’ factor.

At many companies, your raise is based partly on how well your division or department has done overall explains Paul Haarman. If you want a bigger piece of that action — and who doesn’t? — Then it’s time to start thinking like a star athlete or movie actor. You may not be able to change the company’s prospects dramatically by yourself, but you can certainly make yourself look good…If your performance review is coming up, be sure to go out of your way in the weeks leading up to it. Cultivate a particularly close relationship with your manager and harp on all the great things you’ve done for him or her and for the company.”

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If things aren’t going well between you and your boss, don’t try to tough it out — even if things haven’t been great for years. Sometimes people get too comfortable in their jobs…” Sometimes this is part of management’s plan: Keep everyone so busy they don’t have time to think about leaving… Afraid of rejection? Think about LeBron James would do: No one’s going to give him a better offer than he can get by winning an NBA championship. Ask for the raise, and you might be surprised at the answer…”

Consider another job.

You don’t need to wait until your next review… If you’re not happy with what’s happening now, look around and see whether any of your colleagues (or competitors) appear to be reaping bigger rewards than you are. Use LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networking sites to start making some contacts.”

Spend like a pro athlete.

There’s only one way for top athletes to get paid: win (and win and win). Their salaries go up when they keep delivering — and keep their team in the black says Paul Haarman. You can take a page from their playbook and find ways to score money without giving anything (or much) back…You already know how: with credit…Take advantage of ‘points’ programs, cash-back deals and freebies…Every little bit helps…”

Come clean about your finances.

 The more open you are with your boss, the easier it will be for him or her to come up with ways to help you make more money.”

Contrast your value.

The more you know about your company’s numbers, the better equipped you are for a moneymaking conversation with your boss…If sales are up, ask whether this means that commission will go up — and by how much. If the company is profitable but not sharing profits with employees through bonuses or raises, ask why.”

Get help from above

Sometimes it takes an executive decision to get the pay raise you deserve.”

So what do these folks know that I don’t? How come they’re making lots money while I’m just barely scraping by? Is there something I’m missing here?

Well, after doing some research it looks like folks who fall into these categories:

  • Belong to privileged social and/or economic classes, and/or
  • Have educational attainment of bachelor’s degree or higher.

In other words, unless you’re part of this group – the one that holds the power and money in society – then it doesn’t matter what new strategies or techniques you learn says Paul Haarman. You’ll still be stuck with barely making ends meet… But if you are a member of this privileged class; if on top of your good education you also happen to come from money; well not only will climbing the corporate ladder seem easy as pie but keeping ahead financially will be almost guaranteed


Those who turn to the media for advice on how to make more money at work and end up reading articles like the ones above know what it takes: luck and/or privilege. Those who don’t (i.e., those of us who do not belong to that privileged class) will be forced into other alternatives such as either taking on another job or working two jobs at once, starting their own business, etc.