The pandemic outbreak has affected each one of us emotionally and mentally! No one anticipated that the world would witness a rise in a virus infection followed by countless deaths says Paul Haarman. Also, the economy took a sudden hit, which made people witness salary cuts and job losses. Also, social isolation is making people all over the world sad and gloomy. Most people currently want the pandemic curve to flatten down and move around freely. And since no one knows when this will happen, it results in underlying stress that adversely affects people’s mental health.

Paul Haarman Shares Easy guidelines to take care of mental health

Our mental health dictates the way we feel and how we conduct ourselves. Hence, we must address our mental health during this pandemic through basic mental health wellness guidelines.

Focus on the now

Currently, our minds are racing from one end to the other. We are either thinking of the past or the uncertain future, which creates a sense of stress and anxiety in us. It is necessary to plant ourselves in the present moment and carry on with life. Hence, we have to learn to concentrate on the “now”. To do this, people must focus on the activities that they are doing in the present moment and stay completely involved with them. Doing this can help to bring down anxiety and stress. It also boosts overall mental health.

Practice meditation

If you have to address your mental health during the pandemic, you need to add meditation to your daily practice. As Paul Haarman emphasizes, meditation is the practice of concentrating on a particular thought or observing the breathing pattern as you center yourself. Meditation helps a person to release stress and calm the mind. On a physical level, it helps to balance the glandular system and also balance the hormones. If you practice meditation daily, it will help you to get back to your inner calm and feel more peaceful than ever.

Add a hobby to your daily life

The stay-at-home order for a prolonged time is making people feel monotonous. Hence, it is essential to add a hobby to your list of daily activities to break this monotony. It will keep you refreshed and also mentally engaged. Make sure your hobby helps you feel positive emotions to look forward to staying involved with it during the week or weekends. For instance, you can bake nutritious cookies and other recipes during the weekend if you love baking. If you love to dance, you can join an online dance class and practice your weekly lessons. If you love to paint, you can start painting your favorite art form. Make sure to click pictures and share them on your social media to add an extra feel-good factor to your hobby.

Taking care of your mental health is essential during the pandemic phase, as it impacts our complete well-being says Paul Haarman. The guidelines mentioned above can help you to stay well during this phase.