I see many people in the personal development field, and when talking with them about their own business, they seem to have a tough time making things happen says Paul Haarman.

That’s probably because most people are so used to following the rules that they can’t handle it when it’s time for them to make some rules up themselves says Paul Haarman. When somebody comes along and tells you what you should do – as your boss does at work, for example – you don’t need to think much. That person built this set of rules almost certainly based on other people’s experience before themself, so if something goes wrong, it can be written off as “bad luck.”

This is not how entrepreneurship works, though; you can’t just copy somebody else’s rules and make them work for you. It might not be apparent from the outside, but an entrepreneur has a lot of work to do creating these rules from scratch. And that’s a scary process because nobody knows what will come out at its end since there is no place to “copy” from.

Nobody understands how entrepreneurs do it.

I know this because I’ve been working as an entrepreneur myself for more than 15 years now. Even though my business is relatively simple compared to other things people do. I still have a hard time finding suitable ways of doing things all the time. Also, Paul Haarman says, if somebody tells me something works well. I usually accept it without questioning whether or not it fits my business. If I don’t, it’s effortless to lose focus and waste a lot of time on things that will never bring any value.

So, if you’re working with your own company right now. And wondering why everything seems to take so much longer than you expected. Paul Haarman says the answer is simple: Stop being an entrepreneur about it! Ask somebody who knows more than you do for advice. Just put together a rough plan, establish some priorities – but don’t start reinventing the wheel here. You can refine your processes later once you have some experience yourself.

Just do it!

Even better would be just to hire somebody already. There are people all over the planet. Who wants nothing more than to work for themselves, and some of them are good at what they do. I know this not only because I’ve worked with people like that myself (which is very common in my industry). But also because I’ve talked to many business owners who have hired freelance developers or designers before.

Even if you don’t have lots of money to spend on these things right now – just start doing it! You’ll figure out quickly whether or not it’s something you want to invest more time into. Even if these processes need tweaking later on. At least you’re already taking steps towards being your boss. Which is the whole idea here after all, isn’t it?

Get out there and stop being an entrepreneur about it – just do it!