It’s undeniable that most early law practitioners face the same dilemma of, how to grow rapidly? The term rapidly here has vivid meanings as for early lawyer it could mean an answer to the question, getting on the right track, and eventually beginning the practice, but for an experienced lawyer, this is few more things like taking on the practice to next level, how to grab the attention of high paying clients? asks Paul Haarman. How to achieve financial freedom in this sector? 

At this point, it’s quite clear not everyone would be able to make it to the top by continuing the good work and keeping everything within the ways of books. Advocacy is one such profession where it’s work that comes to you. This is the sole reason why many newcomers struggle to find work in the early stages of advocacy because most of the clients look for already established and renowned lawyers. But worry not, we are here to help you.

Building blocks of a lawyer, as per Paul Haarman


A lawyer must possess a certain set of skills. Failing to deliver them would only result in failure and a bad reputation for your work ethic. It would also result in the permanent loss of cosmopolitan clients who crave skillful lawyers.


Credibility is one such thing that determines and says a lot about your future career path. In the words of Paul Haarman,‘ A credible person is always assigned a task and is respected by all.’ The three things that determine market segment and career are credibilities in front of the judges, credibility as an advocate, and credibility to its client. Having all three is a written assurance of a bright future.

Subjection to future clients

The perfect synonym for this would be marketing, but in the US, marketing is not allowed for lawyers. So, this rules out to only one feasible solution- exposure to a potential client. This even proves more of a great deal to stick in the company of seniors for this subjection.

Some of the most effective practices:

  • Paul Haarman believes that if one Liaison more with C. A’s as they are the ones which came across any potential legal case before anyone else. The success rate rises exponentially.
  • It’s best to be an early and active member and daily try to publish a blog or two. 
  • One of the most effective ways to be in the limelight is to share yourknowledge and experiences. This way, it’s easier for both clients and judges to easily recognize you and approach you in need.

Final Verdict 

Advocacy is among those professions where there doesn’t exist any secret or a shortcut to success. One must alone have the caliber to fight and climb the stairs of accomplishment. The path in itself wouldn’t be a cakewalk, but if one manages not to succumb in front of struggle, there isn’t a profession as gratifying as a career.