“Never give up. Never, ever give up.” – Winston Churchill

The quote above is precisely the reason I chose to write this article on entrepreneurial quotes. Some people make excuses, and those like Winston Churchill motivate and inspire through their commitment to never giving up says Paul Haarman. He may not be an entrepreneur himself, but he was a prime minister of his country, and we can all agree that prime ministers work under enormous pressure every day. It takes someone special for such responsibilities.

My main inspiration came from reading an article written by Tariq Ali Matri, where I got the title of this article right from one of his quotes: The ten best entrepreneurial quotes of time. That made me think about which kind of quotes I could add my own too, and he provided a massive list of sections that made me think about my own. However, it took me a while to go through them and inspire myself, so I decided to completely write and create my article with the best entrepreneurial quotes of all time which you will see below:

            “Fail early, fail often” – Thomas Edison.

            This quote by Thomas Edison is inspired by him himself failing thousands of times before inventing the first light bulb. He was not afraid of quitting or failing because he learned from his mistakes each time. Making him more successful than other people who leave right away after seeing even minor failures. Entrepreneurship is full of disappointments, but only those who keep trying can reach their goals.

            “Don’t let your dreams be dreams” – Jack Canfield.

            This quote by Jack Canfield, who is an entrepreneur himself, encourages us all to make our dreams come true. Many people have great ideas but never pursue them. Because they are afraid of failure, which often leads to regrets in their lives. Don’t make this mistake and give up on your chances before you even give yourself a chance. Sometimes life can surprise us with opportunities that no one could expect, so grab every opportunity that comes to you.

            “Life’s tough…It’s even more challenging if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

            This quote says it all about what happens when you are not smart enough or protects yourself from your surroundings says Paul Haarman. John Wayne was a great entrepreneur, and he knew what he was talking about in this quotation. Life is full of surprises, so always expect the unexpected and be ready for it.

            “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb.

This quote encourages us all to think ahead and learn from our past mistakes. Because too many people never even try to change anything in their lives. They continue living on what worked for them before, but that does not mean it will work forever. Paul Haarman says, don’t let yourself become like one of them. Do whatever you can to improve your situation because if you don’t plan something for your future. You might find yourself in trouble. Change your life but do it wisely.