Are you feeling stressed? It’s easy to tell if your stress is getting out of hand. If you are feeling stressed, then it’s out of hand says Paul Haarman.

Too much stress isn’t good for the body or mind. You may feel tired and crabby with no energy, which only makes stress worse! It can also lead to worrying and bad dreams at night.

Paul Haarman says a good way to get rid of all this stress is taking some time away from your usual routine and doing something fun that you enjoy.

First step: Ask yourself these questions…

1 . Am I too stressed?

2 . Do I need to relax?

3 . Does my mood affect how my family members act?

4 . Is there any reason why I feel like this?

5 . Am I worried about anything right now?

Second Step:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this chart might help you find the reason. 

Feeling stressed!

Questions 1 and 2:

If you answered yes to either of these questions, it is probably a smart idea to relax for a bit.

Question 3:

Do your moods affect how your family members act? If the answer is yes then you may just be feeling guilty or shy about something but if the answer is no, you should talk with someone who might know what’s going on with you.

Question 4:

Is there any reason why I feel like this? This would be a good question to ask yourself and find out more information! Write down all the reasons in detail (Even little ones!) 

Question 5:

Am I worried about anything right now? This would be another great question to ask yourself! If you’re worried about something then it’s time to do something about it before your stress levels keep getting higher and higher.

Third Step:

When you are done, circle what you think is causing the most stress for yourself.

Fourth Step: After circling all that was stressing you out the most, look for ways on how to solve them or make them go away.    

If nothing works…

If you tried all these steps then it’s a sign that your stress levels are too high and you should probably do something about it! You may need to talk with someone or even see a doctor. If you feel like the problem is getting out of hand, don’t ignore the signs and get help immediately because stress can cause other health. problems.

If you are feeling stressed then it’s time to find ways on how to relax and enjoy your life! Follow these easy steps provide by Paul Haarman and before you know it, your stress levels will be gone! Just remember that the first step is asking yourself those five questions 🙂

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