With the introduction of vaccines for the dreadful coronavirus, an array of hope towards normal life is now alive among the masses in general says Paul Haarman. Vaccination, as claimed and tested by researchers and scientists, will do the protection of the body, centering its effect on the physical part of the body, but mental stress needs its own share of care and treatment. A Center For Disease Control and Prevention report shows that every 4 out of 10 citizens have issues related to mental health. Suicidal acts contribute to 11% of the total population.

The reasons for mental stress are financial losses, loss of lives of loved ones, the uncertainty of the future, etc. Relying on past pandemic effects on mental health Paul Haarman suggests taking a lesson from the past pieces of evidence and making mental health coping mechanisms a priority.

An appeal to the government institutions is to make both short-term and long-term goals and a tracking mechanism for the pandemic after effects.

Treat Mental Health Similar to Other Public Health Concerns an Appeal by Paul Haarman

We all are aware of the fact that mental health stress due to the pandemic is not just an individual loss. It becomes the collective responsibility of the citizens and the government to make a stress-free world for a better future. Citizens should be cooperative in government actions. At the same time, the government should be bound to serve the citizens by taking the right actions at the right time with the right plan seeing the sensitivity of the covid times.

The Role Of Campaigns in Dealing With Mental Health Effects

Mental health talks have been a stigma among the masses from the very beginning. Not being able to speak openly about mental health conditions is a scare of missing out from the societal group among few. The other few are they lack the finances to address the mental health issues. The governments of different hierarchical levels should address this topic via health campaigns. Raising awareness among the masses from an established organization. Age and gender-specific campaigns could be run by the government about the signs of mental health ailments among individuals.

Mental Health Screening

The way thermal screening helped in keeping a proper temperature check in the covid times. Mental health talks and awareness programs can work as mental health screening. Screening can be done in schools of students and of employees in organizations. Screening could focus on left out groups affecting largely by the pandemic due to loss of means of income. Healthcare counselors can do this herculean task with ease and care.


Mental health recovery is not an individual task, so by collective efforts of government and healthcare organizations. Have the belief among yourselves that we can fight this battle. To make this a clearer reality, Paul Haarman appeals to the public to seek out help. Whenever necessary and make this battle easier for themselves and their loved ones. Governments are doing all necessary steps by raising funds to deliver vaccine programs. You do your part by speaking your heart out.