What is it that millionaires do that average people don’t? What are the habits, daily practices, and preferences of real million-dollar earners in America?

The answers to these questions will reveal the inner workings of wealthy minds. The truth is, they live very different lifestyles than most people who live in poverty or pay-check to pay-check.

Material things mean little to them. Instead, millionaires live rich lives filled with experiences that create memories of a lifetime. When you read the lives of millionaires in this article, ask yourself if their story would motivate you to live better or live more?

The Difference Between Millionaires and the Average Person

The average millionaire owns six cars while the average person has just one. The average millionaire has three rooms dedicated to a personal library while the average person doesn’t have any books in his home.

For you to live rich, you must live differently from most people because not everyone chooses this lifestyle. Many millionaires live simply and live well below their means making them frugal millionaires.

However, there are many more who live lavishly and live excessively beyond their means making them self-indulgent spenders without a lot of money to show for it. The majority of wealthy people live lavishly and this is why they have a high net worth.

For example, if you live in a house that is worth $1 million, live you live in a house worth $600,000. If you live in a car that costs $80,000, live like it cost $40,000.

Millionaires live differently than average people and they do not live like all of the rest of the people who live around them. For example, millionaires live in neighborhoods that are different from the average person.

For a millionaire, a normal neighbor is a multi-millionaire because millionaires live among other millionaires or live-in exclusive neighborhoods where multi-millionaires live. They live so differently from the rest of the world that it makes it possible for them to live rich, live differently live well below their means.

Millionaires live in homes worth $500,000 or $1 million but live as they live in homes worth $200,000 or less. They drive cars that are worth between $5,000 and $20,000 but live like they drive cars that cost about $2,500.

Millionaires live their lives smart by making wise, frugal, and strategic spending decisions. They live rich because they live in a different way than most people live says Paul Haarman.

The average millionaire lives in his dream home with a swimming pool and tennis court while the average person drives an old car with no money in the bank to show for it.

Millionaires live above their means while average people live below theirs. To live rich, live differently so you can live well below your means and live the life of your dreams.

The Millionaire’s Mindset

Are you ready to adopt the mindset of a millionaire? Stop acting rich because that is not living like a real millionaire. Stop doing things that are wasteful and live strategic.

Millionaires live well below their means because they live smart, not rich. The average person who makes $150,000 per year lives like he only makes $50,000 or lower which is why he ends up broke at the end of every month.

People make money but it often controls them. Millionaires live their lives by keeping the money they make, not letting it keep them.

You must adopt a millionaire’s mindset to live like one. You may not become a millionaire overnight but you can live rich today if you adopt richer thinking. Stop acting rich and live your life more strategically because that is how millionaires live.


We live in a society where most people live below their means and live poorly. They live lives of quiet desperation because they live like the rest of the world instead of living rich.

The average person drives an old car, lives in an old house; and wears clothes from Wal-Mart while his neighbor drives a Porsche, lives in a beautiful home decorated with beautiful furniture; and wears expensive clothes.

The average person who makes $100,000 per year lives like he only makes $50,000 or less while his neighbor who also makes $100,000 lives like he is worth tens of millions.

We live in a society where living below your means is normal behavior but millionaires spend strategically because they live differently which is why they live so well.

Stop acting rich and live like a real millionaire because you can live rich if you live smart. The first step to living rich is adopting the right mindset so you think more strategically than most people do.

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