Gone are the days when people used to be back at home late in the night after spending most of the day outdoor for work or recreation. The Covid19 pandemic has turned our lives on its head as staying at home for days at a stretch and occasionally moving out is the new norm. The government and health advisories compelled people to spend more time indoors and posed new problems due to the agony of staying confined and leading a truncated lifestyle. It is taking a toll on our mental health as we struggle to come to terms with the strange lifestyle that robs us of the freedom which is our birthright, feels Paul Haarman. These are trying times indeed, and it is critical to take good care of our mental health that positively affects our wellness and wellbeing.

To ensure your wellness, identify the situations and circumstances that trigger stress and keep away from it.  Carry out your basic tasks diligently by following a routine to find some purpose for anything you do. It gives a sense of satisfaction that lowers mental stress. In addition, you should do the following things that help develop a positive state of mind and ensure mental peace.

Cleanliness is as much crucial as body care, says Paul Haarman

Staying at home does not ensure complete protection from the novel coronavirus that can travel through the air in closed spaces.  By following the correct standard of hygiene like sanitizing the exposed surfaces frequently and washing your hands with soap after some activities will significantly reduce the chances of the virus attack. Sanitize the house periodically and keep it as clean as possible. Although you need not wear masks at home, you must wear them when meeting some visitors while ensuring that you stay at least 2 meters away from that person.  Eat nutritious food and keep your body well hydrated while taking some rest between work and sleeping well for 7-8 hours every day.

Stay physically active

To overcome the stress of confinement that can make you feel lonely. Never overthink about the disturbing things around you, advises Paul Haarman.  Accept it as a part of the new lifestyle and move on. Engage in some physical activities at the slightest opportunity as it helps to drive away from the mental blues. And lifts your spirits as you feel confident about yourself. The easiest way to stay active is to exercise daily at some fixed time for a brief period. So that the body functions like a well-oiled machine and the mind is ready to accept challenges.

Refrain from damaging coping strategies

There is no easy way to calm your mind by relieving stress.  To manage stress, you must take control of your body and mind first by exercising. Taking the proper diet, and practicing medication of Yoga which involves some hard work but ensures good results.

Never try shortcuts for stress relief because people often take to alcohol and drugs in the hope of instant relaxation. Which can pose serious health problems later.