Real estate investing is a real and profitable way to build real wealth. However, all real estate markets are not created equal. Most real estate investors fail because they invest in poor real estate markets when they could have been more successful in a different real estate market entirely, both at the time of purchase and over time as well. In this guide, you will learn how real estate markets work, why real estate investors fail in certain real estate markets, and what to do instead. This guide will teach you how to choose the right real estate market for your real estate investing needs.

The Four Reasons You Can Make Big Money with Real Estate InvestingBy Paul Haarman

1) How real estate investing requires no experience but provides real financial rewards

2) How does real estate investing provide a real asset that can be sold for real money

3) How real estate investing is a real business with real rules and real requirements for success or failure

4) Why real estate investors fail in their real estate investments and how you can avoid this.

Market Realities: Local Real Estate Markets

As per Paul Haarman, Real estate investors make real money because real estate markets can be really lucrative. A real estate market is a place where real estate transactions of real properties happen between real people and institutions. The buyers of real property in a real estate market and the sellers and their agents (the “realtors”) use local media such as newspapers, magazines, and real estate websites to advertise real property for sale. A real estate market has many real and separate neighbourhoods and city and county (and sometimes regional) real estate markets within it.

How a real estate market works:

A realtor finds a house that is for sale in an area she wants to sell. She then finds someone who wants to buy real estate in that real estate market (a “buyer”). If the realtor (the “seller’s agent” working for the seller) can find a real buyer willing to pay more than what the seller is asking, then she negotiates with the real seller until they agree on a real price. Then, once all parties are in real agreement, real paperwork is real drawn up to represent the real sale. The buyer pays the realtor in real funds for her services in helping find a real property and negotiates with her about which realtor will represent the time when she buys real estate in that real estate market (the “buyer’s agent”).

Real Estate Market Opportunities for Real Investors

Spotting the real opportunities in real estate investing begins by spotting real opportunities in real estate markets. With many real properties, buyers and sellers are motivated to act quickly by offering high prices or causing deadlines through financing. When people are motivated in real estate markets, real estate investors are able to take advantage of real opportunities where real properties are being sold “for more than they are worth” or real sellers have extended deadlines.

Real Opportunities for Real Estate Investors: Where People Are Motivated

When people are motivated in real estate markets, real estate investors can respond by finding real estate properties in real good real estate markets in real good real estate areas, but where they can buy (or rent) real estate for less than it is worth. For example, if you find an apartment complex that has many vacancies and is located in a poor real neighbourhood, then even though the complex might be priced at $2 million, you might be able to buy it for $1.5 million because real estate investors are not motivated to act quickly in real estate investment opportunities in real poor real neighbourhoods.

How People Are Motivated: Financing Deadlines

When real property owners need to find real cash for their real properties, they often extend deadlines through financing or real estate investment. The real estate investor who can find real estate properties for sale in real good real estate markets where people are motivated because of financing deadlines can benefit from a real property that might be sold for more than it is worth.


Identifying real estate investment opportunities requires real investors to think real analytically about real estate markets. Spotting real opportunities means spotting real properties that are “for sale” or will be “for sale” soon, where financing deadlines might exist or people are motivated for quick deals. Understanding market realities like local real estate markets and real neighbourhood real estate markets, real prices, real financing deadlines, and real motivation is the key to real investing success.

Although real estate investment methods are described throughout this real guide (and real in many other real books), analysing real market conditions is how entrepreneurs spot opportunities for profitable real estate investments.